Welcome to a website that, like myself, is in transition. On the right you can take a gander at the agent of my life’s turmoil and this website’s stasis. We took this pic on July 7, 2016. That alarming white blob on the left is a benign vestibular schwannoma, also called an acoustic neuroma. As brain tumors go it’s one of the best kind to get. But it does throw a monkey wrench or two into the long range strategic planning. In short order not only did my plans to win seven Grammies evaporate in a haze of anesthesia, but a lot of the carefully crafted pages that were on this website became distressingly obsolete. I aim to address the latter in the ensuing months.

My new abilities (or disabilities, whichever you prefer) make music a somewhat dubious enterprise for now, so I have turned to the written word as an outlet for the considerable amount that I have to express these days. Writing as much as I do, something worthwhile is bound to come out sooner or later and when it does you’ll be able to read it here. I post these works not so much as a blog, but rather as a series of essays, poems or what have you, on the nature of shit happening. Click the Gristy Mill button to explore what I’ve posted so far. Read my latest post here.

You can still order my recordings on the same old Music Store page, and the bio of me PAN (pre-acoustic neuroma) is still on the bio page. I hope to be updating on a fairly regular (not to suggest frequent) basis so check back once in awhile. And by all means get in touch with me to share your thoughts. The contact page is still there too.